Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sit Down, Strap in, Hang On Tight,

Its gonna be a bumpy ride.

Well Ladies and Gentlemen here we go again.. Its the beginning of the Campaign 9. I am a finalist and will find out about 10pm EST tomorrow if I am going to be one of the next Mamavation Moms or not. Either way, I have my seat belt buckled and I am going to hang on tight because its gonna be a bumpy ride to battling my weight. But its gonna happen.

This is my 3rd campaign with Mamavation and my 3rd time being a finalist. But if I am not voted in this time. I will survive, I will continue to lose weight but I am so happy and proud to be finalists with the girls that are with me. I have enjoyed learning lots about them and proud to say we are all friends. Whoever is the 2 voted in will do an amazing job as Mamavation Mom and the others will do an amazing Job in the MiLi Challenge.

Shannon is a fellow NC mom who is an amazing strong military wife. Her and I share a common bond of being in NC, Autism, She is such a great positive person who I can't wait til we can get together in real life. I know she will meet all her goals and I am proud to call her my friend.

Rachel where do I even begin? Her and I just instantly connected on twitter. She always makes me laugh her and I have a common bond of friends and Autism. She is such a wonderful Mother, Friend and is a great cheerleader for me. I can't wait til we get together soon in MI with Laura and Katie that state wont know what hit it. It will be an amazing cray time.

Tricia another fellow mother of a wonderful amazing exceptional daughter. She is an exceptional mother who is always on the go. She is always so positive and i know she will do great in her journey.

Stacie is a very busy wonderful mother. I know she will do an amazing job in her journey. With her being on Vacation in Cali I haven't gotten to know her as well as the other girls but I know soon I will know her much better.

Shelly (@momma_oz) has agreed to be one of my fit friends. I am very excited. Most of the other Sistahs have agreed to be our fit friends as well :)

Yep if you have noticed I am trying to delay posting these pics and numbers, But I am declaring that this is not going to be me for long. I will not go back to these pictures. The Finalists and I have all agreed to take pictures in our sports bra and shorts we are stepping out of our comfort zone and putting it all out their for you all The good the bad and the ugly.

  • Measurements 7/10/11

  • Bust 52

  • Waist 49.5

  • Hips 60

  • Thigh 30.5

  • Arm 15.5

  • Calf 20.5

  • Weight 308.4

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Finalists Announced..

Well Its been a week... Its a been a good week with some stressful events but hey, That's life especially when you live in one with Special Needs children.. But lets get business taken care of first...

3.8 lbs down and I lost inches in the GruntStyle Challenge

I finished the challenge and was very proud of myself. I am also very thankful for all the support and cheerleading I got especially from Mark, Shelly, Leah, Greta and Daniel. I enjoyed Mamavation TV Monday with our Guest host Shelly who did an awesome job. I have really enjoyed the last few weeks of getting to know my fellow applicants. They are all wonderful special women and I know that with or without being Mamavation Mom they will all succeed in their weight loss and fitness goals that they have made for themselves.

This week was great to get back to the norm around here. Really getting track on the eating habits for the whole family. As my middle son has told me so many times this week. I am the role model for our family, and as Mothers we really are. Its my job to teach them these tools now so that later on they won't have to struggle with being active and healthy. I was very proud of myself for not caving in this week with sweets and doughnuts. I did have 1 drink this week, Im human and I slip up. But I fessed up and did my Penance (4 60 sec Planks.. and I DESPISE planks which is why Leah made me do it, but I didn't complain I did it)

Our Blogging Carnival is Hosted by

How did well did you manage to eat healthy over the holiday weekend (4th of July & Canada Day)? Any tips for the rest of the summer?

We I think have done really well this holiday weekend. We loaded up on our year supply of charcoal *home depot had a GREAT sale* So we have grilled out our main meal for the past few nights and its been so darn hot we've been eating very light foods and veggies.

"This post is sponsored by Eco Foil Pans and I'm writing this to be entered into a Eco Foil Prize Pack giveaway hosted by Mamavation."

Good Luck Tonight to all the Finalists and the Applicants.. Remember if you aren't a Finalist Rock the MiLi Challenge and reapply next time! Love you All..

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer Family Fun Time

Well first things first. In the last month I have lost

12.5lbs and 4lbs this week

I am very excited about this weight loss. After my wake up call appointment at the DR she wanted me to lose 10 lbs so I did and more :) Its been an awesome week workout wise for me still doing the @GruntStyle 2 week challenge and its been great to have the support and accountability with Leah, Mark, Shelly, Greta and Daniel. Its almost done and will do my measurements again. Unfortunately with my parents being here my nutrition hasn't been great this week we've gone out to eat more than we normally do around here but the great thing is its a new week and I can start fresh. :)

Also its time again for the Campaign to become the next Mamavation Mom. I have applied and will find out soon if Im a finalist then be prepared because its gonna be voting time. Every vote counts and I would really appreciate your support. This would be an awesome experience for myself and my family. Can't wait to have my booty kicked into shape by the awesome Mamavation Coaches and Sistahood.

How have you recently stepped up to support someone in your life?

Well I think the mamavation community gives us all the platform and opportunity to step up and support each other. I know I have found a lot of support in there. I also have a good friend Allison who Ive been working on getting her more active and healthy for her kids. Also My LillyBear who is a young lady at my church who has severe special needs who has a special place in my heart. I have stepped up to make sure she has a great experience at church so that she can make the most out of her time there. I love her to death and happy to say she has been able to move up out of the preschool and into the k1 room next up is upstairs to the 2-5 room.

Well its about that time need to get my workout in and head to church. I will see you all at Mamavation TV I'll be the sweaty girl on camera with big boobs lol...

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Grunting The Whole way...

This has been an interesting week for us and a very abnormal week. We started out by going on a quick mini~vacation to the beach with my parents. We stayed 3 days and 2 nights so eating and working out wasn't exactly up to par and trust me my energy level and stomach both knew something was up. On Tuesday night Hubs and I went on a Party Boat and had a few drinks. It was 2 hours with none of our kids which was very strange and took a few drinks to help me relax and turn the mommy brain off some, which lead me to the conclusion that I need to get away a little more often for Me time or Us time because it was a very strange to be alone just us.

I didn't gain or lose any weight this week which is good. Im sure I gained some on Vacation and lost it when I got back.

Now on to my workouts... Which is something I am bragging about. I accepted @GruntStyle the newest personal trainer for who we all have come to love having around. Has a 2 week challenge and I decided to accept it. So I'm on day 4 which is rest day and trust me you need it! All his workouts are named perfectly. But with the support of Daniel, Leah, Mark, Greta and the other Mamavation Sistas I have made it and Grunted all the way. I told Hubs when I complete the 2 week challenge he is ordering me a Grunt Style Shirt. If you are wanting a challenge and are brave enough to accept it. is this weeks sponsor..

I've also applied to be Mamavation Mom again for this next campaign and would love some support if I am chosen for a finalist I would love the help in receiving Votes so I can become the next Mamavation Mom. It would be a life changing experience for me and my family. So please stay tuned for more information on it.

Well I am going to go relax in a hot shower and then off to bed. Sweat Monster is the workout for tomorrow and I think we are going to take the dogs on a walk with my parents... Til Next Time..

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Back on the Right path...

Very happy to report that I am back on the right track. I received my wake up call and decided to answer it.

5.8lbs down this week

I have been spending most of this week really focusing on nutrition which is one of the areas that really are the hardest for me. Sometimes I think that is one of the down falls to being a stay at home mom its easy to hit the kitchen and snack. But I have really focused on portion control and what I was putting in my body.

I've been using a lot of my fellow mamavation sistas this week for support which they are always so very awesome! At the end of the week all the family which I am sure attributed to my weight loss this week as well. But I am happy to report we all seem to be on the mend. We are also heading to the beach for a couple of days with my parents so there will be lots of swimming and walking I am sure.

How often do you and your family eat meals together and get active together?

We normally eat our night time meal together, and if they are home at lunch we will eat then together but we try to get at least 1 meal a day together. Even if my husband and I aren't eating at the moment we will still sit with the kids typically while they are eating. We strive to get more active together but we right now a few times a week go outside and play or we will get out the wii. We are hoping to do a lot more family outings. The boys love going to amusement parks and museums. We all also enjoy going for walks down trails.

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Well until next week, I am hoping to be able to catch everyone on mamavation tv tomorrow night if the hotel has good Internet..

Monday, June 6, 2011

*Ring Ring Ring*

Hello? Hello? Anyone there? This is your


Yes this week I had a MAJOR wake up call. I went to the doctor a few weeks ago because I was just feeling yuck and I wasn't losing weight and I wanted to get checked out to make sure there wasn't a medical reason for it. Well blood work came back and I am PreDiabetic and Low Iron and I am 7points from being considered Diabetic. I totally freaked out. As some of you guys know me from past campagins and from Mamavation TV my mom is Diabetic and has lost 2 of her toes from complications of her sugar levels and not being able to fight off infection. This is very much a wake up call for me to get healthy and beat this battle with my weight. I will be applying for Mamavation Mom again.

But for whoever is reading this, I need to ask a favor from you guys. Please Tweet, FB, Text, Email, Comment, Skype whatever you want to help me stay on track and keep me accountable. That is the hardest part for me is I need to make sure I keep accounted what I am doing because I have to do this for myself and my kids.

The boys are out for the summer and don't go back until late July and my parents are in for the month to visit which is nice since we only spend time with them once a year. We are hoping to spend lots of time at the pool this summer and being as active as we can.

I have made a Chart that I hung in the Kitchen to track my weightloss something that I can see everyday I hung it in the kitchen since that is the area that can really mess you up on your lifestyle change.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


I have decided its time to restart my engines.... I took a couple of weeks off to get my head on straight and things in order in my life because CHAOS was surrounding me and I was going INSANE.

I spent time today reflecting on the last 26 years of my life. I use this term a lot it really has been a roller coaster ride. I've always done things very quickly but this is the one battle that I am not going to solve quickly and I am learning how to come to terms with this. I mean I started having kids very young. *I don't advocate Teen Parenting but I was a Teen Parent twice 16 and 18* So I grew up very quickly. When I met my husband our relationship moved very quickly. We met in September, moved in together in October and married beginning on December preg with number 3 in Feb. When our youngest was dx'd with Autism and multiple other issues I dove in head first and researched whatever I could find on it and became able to provide therapies to our sons as quick as I could. But it took many years to gain this weight and keep this weight on, why is it so hard to understand that its going to make time to take it off?

But I have decided that this is going to happen. I will become healthy and get to do the things that I want to do and to be able to be the mom my kids deserve. Its more than just losing weight, I need to work on learning how to handle stress and figure out a way to get Me time. So that I can keep my head on straight and everything in my life in order. I don't want my kids to have to worry about my health and my weight. I want them to grow up being active and healthy and being the best them they can be. I always get weird looks from the IEP Team when we go to do the boys annual reviews at school and they always ask What do I want for the Future for my child. The answer is always the same I want them to be happy healthy successful man. In whatever life they do so choose to live. That's what I want to provide them I want them to see that I didn't give up or take the easy way out in my weight loss journey.

Who in your world deserves a "shout out" this week for pushing you to better yourself? What did they do?
I have a few people that come to mind. First being Laura and Katie and Lori and Angela who are all Mamavation Sista's. I have really enjoyed spending time with them each day just being girls. They always motivate me and push me and make me laugh and keep me from going insane. Lori gives me great book advice and helped me ignite my passion for RPattz... These girls and the other mamavation moms really help me keep going.
*I wrote this blog post while participating in the Mamavation Blogging Carnival for a chance to win My Trainer Fitness 100 Calorie+ Workout featuring MizFitOnline from*

Monday, April 4, 2011

Mamavation Monday...

WoW This has been a very busy week...

Its the final night we will find out who will be Mamavation Mom tonight...

The boys have been in intersession for the past 2 weeks. We found out Logan our service dog was ready for testing. Its just been CRAZY... Which is how our life typically runs around here.

I really don't know what to even write about its been so crazy... But tonight is the party, so we will see what happens. This is my Mamavation Monday post.. My first MiLi or Mamavation Mom will be next post.

With scale pic, before pics etc

Sunday, March 27, 2011

At the Top of the hill....

Right now I feel like I am slowly creeping up the big hill on a roller coaster ride I remember this very well.. The same feeling I had about a few months ago. Within the next 24 hours Leah will announce the finalists for Campaign 8. Then you have the week of voting then the dreading stressful Twitter Launch. Which don't get me wrong its an AMAZING Time with AMAZING Women but when your a finalist the minutes no SECONDS tick by so very very slowly. But this time around its another feeling. I'm full of anticipation but I know even if I'm not selected as a finalist or Mamavation Mom I will still join in on this ride because I am going to ride this ride and beat the battle of my obesity "5 lbs at a time" as a wise woman once told me. I will admit that I back slid some after the end of campaign 7 a few days but I know that's its alright to do that because every failure is a chance to restart and relaunch. I can't beat myself up I have to "shut the duck up" and move forward. Which is what I did. I was so excited last week when we were getting ready to go to the zoo and I put on pants that were 2 sizes smaller than I was wearing in Jan.

Where will your feet take you this year? Any plans for a big hike, race, or just alot of hiking?

I am hoping to sign up for the Orange County Special Education PTA's 5K this year. It raises money for our Exceptional Children's department. But I am planning on doing alot of walking would love to take the boys to some of the trails we have around the area.

Well I guess I will talk to you guys later... After we find out if I'm a finalist or not..

Either way I'll be back next week...

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Monday, Monday Monday...

Well I missed last weeks Mamavation Monday post and Mamavation TV due to some computer problems. But I think I got the bugs all worked out.
This week was a very busy, stressful and emotional week for me. We just finished Campaign 7 and I for some dumb reason decided to not really pay attention to my healthy eating and working out as strictly. I am so glad I don't have to post a scale pic this week because the number is back up a little but the great news is I lost
2 Pant Sizes!!
We took Jakers to the zoo yesterday and had a great time with him and his service dog Logan I was so proud of myself I was one of the only ones that went that wasn't complaining about the walking or the hills, everyone else who is at a healthier weight and in better shape were complaining so I am very excited about that.
Are you a sweet or savory snacker? What do you look for in a healthy snack?
I am a random snacker, It really depends on what mood I am in but typically I either want salty or sweet and definitely something that requires chewing. I usually look for things that are going to give me the most quantity for smaller calories. For example if I can have a bowl of something or a handful I'm gonna go with the bowl.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Mamavation Monday

This past week was just a typical week at the Carter Acres. Busy with appointments, meetings, homework, stress, drama more stress, church, Fusion at church, stress and stress.. Which is really just a normal week for us. Oh not to mention Friday evening I had a wedding to shoot and ended up doing that, and getting the bride ready but I really enjoyed it, I LOVE LOVE LOVE taking pictures.

I didn't really do anything special this week except I got to start working out again which is AWESOME I was so glad to be released from PT and allowed to get my back my Wii and treadmill :) I was a very happy Mommy.

What are your strategies to fit everything into your busy life? Any areas you need to work on?

Well I don't get enough sleep which is one of the areas I struggle in. I stay up late getting things together. I also need to become more organized so that we can be less hectic. I try to multitask to fit as much into my life as possible. Which is an area I need to work on as well because I create more stress with that.

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Blogger flipped my picture over, and I can't figure out how to re flip it.
280.8 (-6lbs this week)
30.8 lb total loss for Campaign 7
I wasn't expecting any weight loss at all this week, I only change has been being able to get back on my wii and working out, and I've been having a lot of hot dates with my treadmill in the evenings...

Monday, February 28, 2011

Anatomy of a 20 pound loss...

Everyone has been asking for my secrets and or more details on my weight loss for this past week. I can only tell you what I have done and what I think happened. I am not an expert on this. But I talked to my PT and he gave me ideas on what he thought was the reason. I also spoke to my kids PE teacher at school who is also a Personal Trainer a few weeks ago when I was down in the slumps with my NO weight loss, he expected this to happen and wasn't shocked when I told him about it. So heres the story.

When I found I was 311lbs the most I've ever weighed in my life. I was ready for a change. I applied for Campaign 7 and started competing in the MiLi challenge. I didn't lose weight for a few weeks and started getting depressed about it. Then lost a few pounds, and then a few more, then gained some back, then had the big number... Well Coach and I talked because I couldn't understand I have so much weight to lose why isn't it just shredding off me?? Coach said he figures that my body completely froze up like "Fight or Flight" and was holding on to everything because I had made too many changes at once. He wasn't concerned and told me that I should keep up and that I would see a drastic drop that more than likely I will see a pattern of No weight loss for weeks and then a BIG number. He also said that since I stopped my workouts I was doing and changed them up do to PT it sent my body another shock and is what helped the loss. I went from doing EAS Active to doing my PT exercises every hour for 25min and then walking aswell. Last week was also a very Emotional Week and I made sure what I ate was extremely healthy because I was so stressed out, it was alot of veggies more than anything... But that is my thoughts...

Friday, February 25, 2011

Mavation Monday Im so BACK!!!!

20.8lbs & 2.5in Loss this week

24.8lbs & 16in total Loss!!!

I weighed my self like 3 times and yelled for my husband to come in the room just to make sure my eyes weren't playing tricks on me. I even moved the scale to a different room because I was sure that this was a mistake. But it only changed less than a pound when I would reweigh.. I have been flying on cloud 9 all day. I tried to figure out what did I do so differently this week? The only thing was Monday & Tuesday I had a major pity party for myself its been a stressful last few weeks, more so than usual. But I decided I would allow myself to have a pity party and cry and be all mad but I didn't allow myself to EMO Eat.. I refused to let myself do it. Because I knew I wouldn't be able to control my intake. I was also bitten by the Twilight Saga this week. It gave me something to do. Once I picked it up I couldn't put it down, I was so hooked but it was a great release and let me relax. It was something for me and by the way if you haven't been following on Twitter. I am Team

and that is the only Team there is really.... But even my Sistas that are Team Dog I mean Team Jacob I still Loves ya, but Doood seriouslly Team Edward is the only one for me. But after I thought about it today, I realized I've always had a weak spot in me for Vampires and I can thank my Aunt RaRa and Karla for that, But I do think I need to find different ways to handle stress and reading might be a good one for me.

I know that next week I am extremely busy. I have atleast one meeting each day next week. I have PT 3x and school meetings, Im also going on a field trip with my middle one to go see Suessical the Musical; which we are both excited about. As of right now I am planning to attend Fitcation11 I am extremely excited because I will meet so many of my wonderful supportive Mamavation Sistas and have a girls Fitness Weekend. I've been a mother for almost 11 years and never had a weekend away, and I've never been to TX so its alot of firsts for me there. I can't believe that we are almost at the end of this Campaign. I am so thankful that I have stuck to it and I am making positive lifestyle changes for life! I know that I will meet my goals!

Wow Its time for measurements again... This is the last set for this campaign...

Bust: 51 (0)

Wasit: 45 (-.5)

Hips: 58 (-1)

Thigh: 26 (0)

Calf:19.5 (-.5)

Arm: 14.5 (.5)

How do you encourage your children to contribute to your family's healthy lifestyle?

Well we try our best to keep encouraging them to be active. We also have a garden so we ask the boys what veggies they want to help plant and care for. They also have Fruit Trees and Fruit Bushes. We let them pick places for new walks and going to the zoo. We want them to grow up with the concept that being active is healthy for them.

This post is sponsored by Mamavation and Im writing this to be entered into a give away.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Blah Blah Mamavation Monday...

Well this week has really sucked. I wasn't allowed to work out due to PT but I am going talk about that this week. I gained weight which sucks but I fell off the wagon a bit in my Blah Blah mood. But only 3lbs so that isn't too bad. Plus Mother Nature wasn't my friend this week. But I will do better this week.... I turned the lights off in the picture because I didn't want to see the number...

No Real Goals for this week but doing the best I can.... Trying to find ways to fund going to the Mamavation Fit-Cation11 in June but not too sure if that is going to happen.

Blogging Carnival For this week...

What motivates you to get going and what keeps you going?
My kids get me going, I have to get up everyday to help with them but they keep me going and I just want to be able to keep up with them. The Mamavation Sistahood keeps me going... Especially a few Sistas who know who they are have been AMAZING to me this week and I don't think this post would have been done..
This post is sponsored by SEARS FitStudio and I'm writings this to be entered into a giveaway

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mamavation Monday...

Well first things first...

3lbs weight loss this week...

Well I am at a 7lb weight loss so far for this Move It Lose It Campaign. I would be lying if I said I wasn't expecting to lose a lot more for these past few weeks. But at least its a loss. I know they say losing little bits at a time is better for you but its still hard when you know how much more you need to do to get to where you need to be.

I am learning a lot from all the Sistahs who have been doing this for awhile. But my body has been thrown into a whole confused state. This week I haven't been hungry at all but still making sure that I do my best to eat at least 3 healthy meals each day.

Stress is a hard issue for me. Having 3 kids with such different needs and requirements. Im having to learn to deal with stress in new ways. I use to crave something sweet or fried when I got stressed out as a coping technique. But working to learn new ways. The boys have been a bit stressed as well with the changing of the eating patterns. But this is a learning experience for all of us and we will get there as a family.

Tomorrow is Valentines Day... We don't have big plans we will more than likely have dinner and a movie with the munchkins.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mamavation Monday


4lbs and 13.5 inches last seen a week ago.

If found please DO NOT RETURN

Thats right everyone I finally lost weight... 4lbs and I am so excited and thankful for the support. This has been a very hard week for me. Wednesday I was at my breaking point, stressed to the max and very disapointed in not seeing ANY weight loss. I came very very extremely close to breaking my diet and throw everything I had done out the window but I didn't and I am very glad I didn't because when I woke up in the morning I saw a change. As Pete Cohen from told us monday night. We need to Shut the Duck Up and Just do it! The duck was quacking very loudly wednesday night but I did manage to shut the duck up with the support of the Sistahood. I know that if I wouldn't have had you guys on wednesday I would have caved. I still have a long way to go, but i am almost 25% of the way to my first goal and reward. When I have lost 5lbs 4times (20lbs) I am going to go get my ears pierced! Its also time to post the measurements again, they are going down so that is a positive thing :) I still have a ways to go but its the small steps that are counting..

Bust 51 (-1in)

Waist 45 1/2 (-5.5 in)

Hips 59 (-2in)

Thigh 26 (-4in)

Calf 20 (+.5in)

Arm 15 (-1.5in)

This week our question is..

What am I doing to keep my heart healthy?

Well my diet and excersize are the biggest thing I am doing to try and keep my heart healthy. Making sure I am getting enough good fruits and Veggies into my system. I am also trying to find ways to manage and cope with my stress.

Goals for the new week...

  1. Walking... Trying to manage 3 miles a day

  2. Water... Keeping my 64oz minimum each day.

  3. New Recipe for the week.. Not sure yet but will post when I figure it out

Continue to monitor my portions and nutrition

Well the husband and I are heading out for a walk so I'll will see you guys Later....

Monday, January 31, 2011

Mamavation Monday

Well we are into week three in our MiLi challenge... Still no weight loss but Im hoping next week will be better. Atleast there is no weight gain. I am trying to stay positive but its starting to get harder for me...

Our Sponsor this week is... Earth Footwear and our question is

What does "wellness" mean to you?
Well to me Wellness means you are heatlhy and active and able to do the things you want to do. Happiness is also a huge part of wellness... So that is what it means to me.
Goals for this week:
  1. Walk atleast 10miles
  2. Keep uping my intake to get to 64oz a day
  3. Wii Work out 6days
  4. Work on portion Control
  5. Veggie for the week is Cactus

Monday, January 24, 2011

Mamavation Monday

Well I ended up NOT being a Mamavation Mom.. But I am in the Move It to Lose It Challenge and I plan to rock that challenge. This week was a weird kind of week I spent alot of time with family because I spent so much time campaigning to be Mamavation Mom. I've had a lot of people as if I would apply to be in Campagin 8 right now Im not sure. I would love to be the next Mamavation Mom on Campagin 8 but right now I am focusing on Rocking the MiLi contest!

I love the fact that I have met so many great friends in the Sistahood of Mamavation Mom. I have an accountability partner to help keep me motivated.

Goals for This week....

Walk 3miles each day

Drink more water building up to the 64oz your suppose to drink a day..

Wii Workout 5 days (wii fit, EA Sports Active)

New Veggie For this week is Asparagus...

Watch Portion Sizes

Didn't loose any but didn't gain any either....
Blogging Carnival Question is.... How are you getting more Fiber into your Diet this New Year?
In our family we eat alot of Veggies and Fruits and we are trying to introduce a new veggie each week into our menu. We also add Fiber to some of our foods like in sauces and things.
"Im writing this post as an entry to a blogging carnival sponsored by Fiber Plus. I will be reciveing a free product in return"

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mamavation Monday

Well its Monday again everyone.... Today is the day we find out who the next 2 Mamavation Moms I am very hopeful to get the opportunity to be the next Mamavation Mom but either way I am going to make 2011 my year to get healthy. For my family and friends and for myself. But I know with Mamavation it will give me the tools I need to succeed. Even if I am not chosen for Mamavation Mom I am entered into the Move It to Lose It contest... Its for 7 weeks aswell. Its similar to the Campaign but you are more on your own but with the support of the Sistahood... The contestant with the highest percentage of body weight lost Wins $500 and a pair of Earth Footwear the second place winner also gets a pair of shoes....

Well Its the First post to start both the Mamavation Campaign and the MILI Contest so here are my before pics and my measurements.... The plan is that these are the last time my numbers will be this high...

I am also going to start training to run a 5k a friend of mine from church is going to run/walk with me. Our plans are to do one in April so I will keep you updated on the progress with that one.


Bust 52"

Wasist 51"

Hips 61"
Thigh 30"
Calf 19 1/2"
Arm 16 1/2"

Monday, January 10, 2011

Mamavation Monday I'm a Finalist!

Monday already... Well for me its been Oh My Goodness its MONDAY... It has seem to take awhile to get here. But I am a Finalist in the Mamavation Mom Campaign. We have an awesome group. Its hard to see some of the girls I've had the chance to meet not be picked but this is just one campaign and I know we will all succeed in this weight battle together.

5 lbs at a TIME!
I am so thankful to be given this opportunity to possibly be the next Mamavation mom. But I NEED YOUR HELP. Its voting time. We have a week to vote the top 2 finalists will be the next Mamavation Mom if you could take a second and go vote for me. I promise I will do my best and I will not let you down. Please pass this on to your friends and any and everyone you know.
This week Blogging Carnival is sponsored by @mrsalonpas
Have you ever been injured starting a new exercise routine?
Tell us about it... If not, do you get any aches and pains? Where?
I can't ever remember getting injured from starting a new exercise routine. But I am over 300 lbs so aches and pains are daily thing for me. My feet and hips hurt the most. I also have alot of back and shoulder pains and aches because the lord blessed me with DDD's and that doesn't always feel like a blessing. I am so happy that I have found and because with my Sistas I know I will lose the weight 5lbs at a time!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Megan The Real Me...

Doing this Mom Campaign has inspired me to do this post.
I am Megan and I am a Christian. I am a mother to 3 young boys ages 10,7, and 6 and 2 of them are autistic and they all have a multitude of other diagnosis's to go along with them. But I love them and our crazy little life. I am morbidly obese and that affects my daily life. I have sleep apnea and borderline high blood pressure. I come from a very obese family. I really can't name a single person in my family when I was growing up that wasn't over weight.
I have over come a lot of obstacles in my life and they have made me stronger. I grew up in a single parent home with my mom, grandma and brother. I was a single teen parent way before 16 and pregnant came out on MTV. I had my first son at 16, second at 18 left an abusive relationship with what we could fit in the trunk of a car and then met my husband a few months later and had my 3rd son at age 20. I was never a teeny tiny barbie but I was at a healthy weight before I got pregnant with my 1st son.
My brother is morbidly obese and my mom is over weight too. My mother has diabetes and luckily now it is being very controlled but she has lost toes due to her diabetes. Heart disease and high blood pressure runs in our family. I don't want that for me.
I am a SAHM and help my in laws with their rental properties. But with the boys and all the issues they have we have felt it best if I stay home. We don't have the family lifestyle where it is easy to go to the gym nor right now can we afford to buy gym memberships. But I know if I am chosen I will do EVERYTHING in my power to be the best I can be!

Its always been a joke with a lot of my online friends that they all know what my kids, pets and husband look like but not me. I never take pictures of myself because I don't like what I look like I don't like I hate this weight. The boys have recently learned they LOVE going to places like Carowinds. I spent most of the time sitting and watching because I was too scared to even try to get on some of the rides because it would be so embarrassing if I couldn't fit into the seat. When we go to the water park I normally sit and watch them because you aren't going to catch me in my bathing suit in the middle of carowinds. I'm not that crazy.
I want to be the mother that the boys deserve. I want to be the person that is inside me begging and pleading to come out. I want to be healthy. I need to be able to run and play and enjoy life with my children. They need me. My boys are runners. I have to be able to run and catch them
Their are a lot of moms that are applying to be the next Mamavation Mom and I'm hoping that I am chosen to be the next Mamavation Mom it would be a life altering Experience for my family. It would be a blessing for all of us. All the Moms that are applying are wonderful and have already been a great support for me. Please join me in this experience. Even if I am not chosen to be the next Mamavation Mom I will overcome this obstacle.

This is me now.... Im sitting here going be brave be brave just do it. But its so hard to face these pictures.. This is me now but not for long.....

Monday, January 3, 2011

Mamavation Monday

Happy Mamavation Monday...
First I wan to start off with some AMAZING NEWS!!!!!!!
3.5lbs LOST
Now with that said on to my first Mamavation post....
Its a brand new year and alot of people are starting off on their yearly diets. Im not starting a yearly diet this year. I am doing a whole lifestyle change. Diets don't work, they are temporary. TV is now bombarded with Diet and Gym commercials. I personally don't have the family life style where I can easily go to the gym. Even the ones with child care are hard because I have special needs children. So it takes alot of time and effort to get them ready and to train someone to be able to care for them. So I am finding alot of different ways to work out at home and without having to spend a small fortune that I don't have on gym equipment. I have found that the Wii has alot of great options for work outs I LOVE wii fit and EA Sports Active. But even without having video games their are simple things to do. I will only carry up one of the boys clothes at a time. Which means I am making 3 trips UP the stairs. We have also started doing obstacle courses in the back yard with the boys. They LOVE LOVE LOVE picking out what we get to do and being the boss. But the BEST thing I have found. Is just playing with my boys and letting them take charge with their imagination. We have had Dance competitions, Sock wars (We ball up all the socks with a missing match and throw them at each other). Its not only a great family time. Its a great work out. But for something more alone and to target certain areas I would recommend you stopping by the Twitter Party on Jan. 5th with GameStop
Can't wait to talk to you guys again...

My Mamavation...

I want to be the next Mamavation Mom!!!!!
I have recently found a WONDERFUL AMAZING Group.... It has already been a great support for me. I have applied to be the next Mamavation Mom in campaign 7. The Mamavation Campaign is basically Boot Camp Experience but in their own home. They are setup with everything they need and they begin to live the next 7 weeks online documenting the challenges, struggles, successes that they have in their weight loss journey.
As some of you know I need to lose weight. I have about 140lbs that I want to lose. I am ready and motivated to be the next Mamavation Mom. But I need your help. To show support please
Tweet this "RT Hey @bookieboo I want @NcCarterFamily to be the next #mamavation mom She has my support!" you can retweet it as much as you want to show your support.
Facebook go to the Mamavation Fan Page and comment that You want NcCarterFamily to be the next Mamavation Mom
To earn the privilge to be the next mamavation mom would be such an honor but more so it would be such a blessing to my family. With having 3 very active boys I need to be able to be the mom that they deserve. 2 of them have Autism and that can be such a stressful life that I never know what is going to happen next. I need to be able to run after my boys. I want to be the mom that they SHOULD have. I want to be able to ride the roller coasters with them, go to the water parks do all the things that we want to do as a family.
Please join me on the process and help support me being the next Mamavation Mom!
My video Application is right here....