Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Signing Time....

This post is for many reasons... One because my EBFF is giving away some Signing Time DVDs on her website http://www.theflockofbirds.blogspot.com/ You have to check it out. She has lots of give aways. You get to learn all about her crazy life and my Buddah Rhett. But back to the real reason for the post.

As most of you all know Jacob has Autism and limited verbal very little actual verbal conversations. We started ST! with him when he was 12 months and though he wouldn't speak to us or look at us he would sign to us. Now he is a speaking, signing crazy man! We are always looking to expand our ST! Collection and do what we can to raise awareness on the benefits of using ASL with Children who do and don't have any special needs.

Rachel's DVDs are amazing. My sons can watch them OVER and OVER and OVER again and never get bored. She explains the signs so well and has lots of repetition of the sign in the video so your sure your child is learning how to sign it and so are you! We listen to the CD in the car and sign the songs as we go down the road.

ST! has helped my son so much that they have recently put him into a PreK class and he is academically doing better than most of the kids in there. Thats amazing considering he is a year or two younger than all his class and he is autistic! ST! is the reason for this.