Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Signing Time = FAMILY

I know the title doesn't really make sense but you'll understand why it really does. Family isn't blood relation anymore. When I was younger my aunts would fight over who was going to get me when I was out of school. But after I had my first child earlier in life than we expected I was no longer worth fighting for. After 2 of the 3 boys got dx'd as special needs my "family" seemed to drift apart more. But then we found www.signingtime.com and now we have a HUGE family. We came to www.signingtime.com to teach the boys ASL so that Jacob ho was nonverbal would be able to communicate with us. Little did we know but www.signingtime.com was going to give us a much bigger gift, which we will never be able to repay Rachel and everyone at www.signingtime.com . We started going to the wednesday night chats to ask questions and learn new things. Rachel then started using www.Twitter.com to let us keep track of her whereabouts and the random things she loves to tweet about. So then we started meeting more and more people and learning new things. But thanks to Twitter and www.signingtime.com we met Erin, Melissa Pam and many more who I consider some of my best friends. We are there for each other for anything day or night for ANYTHING some of us might never actually meet some of us might see eachother all the time. The one thing that amazes us is that even though our children's special needs is what brought us together in the begining that and www.signingtime.com its usually the farthest thing from our conversations. We are now family, we are the support system that we all need. I am so grateful for the relationships I have and proud to call all my signing time friends FAMILY!!
I lubs You Guys!
Rachel thank you so much for creating www.signingtime.com I don't know what we would have done if we wouldn't have found signingtime. You've help me create a WONDERFUL support system and a whole new family.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Back to School

The boys have now completed 2 weeks back in school. We are going into our second year in the year round school schedule. I have to say that we love it. I think it has been the best change for our family. The 9 weeks in 3 weeks off schedule with 6 weeks in the summer is great. Just enough time off and the kids are ready to go back. This year we also had the chance to loop Hunter with his teacher () so it was an amazing transition for him. Charlie is such a social butterfly he is fine in almost any situation in school. His teacher is great. She lets them have fun but keeps them in order.

We are waiting to find out about Jacob's start date for school. It should be towards the end August once traditional schools start up.

We also should have some big announcements comming soon about our service dog. We also are working on getting some of the clutter out of the house and keeping things organized.

Til Next Time...