Sunday, March 27, 2011

At the Top of the hill....

Right now I feel like I am slowly creeping up the big hill on a roller coaster ride I remember this very well.. The same feeling I had about a few months ago. Within the next 24 hours Leah will announce the finalists for Campaign 8. Then you have the week of voting then the dreading stressful Twitter Launch. Which don't get me wrong its an AMAZING Time with AMAZING Women but when your a finalist the minutes no SECONDS tick by so very very slowly. But this time around its another feeling. I'm full of anticipation but I know even if I'm not selected as a finalist or Mamavation Mom I will still join in on this ride because I am going to ride this ride and beat the battle of my obesity "5 lbs at a time" as a wise woman once told me. I will admit that I back slid some after the end of campaign 7 a few days but I know that's its alright to do that because every failure is a chance to restart and relaunch. I can't beat myself up I have to "shut the duck up" and move forward. Which is what I did. I was so excited last week when we were getting ready to go to the zoo and I put on pants that were 2 sizes smaller than I was wearing in Jan.

Where will your feet take you this year? Any plans for a big hike, race, or just alot of hiking?

I am hoping to sign up for the Orange County Special Education PTA's 5K this year. It raises money for our Exceptional Children's department. But I am planning on doing alot of walking would love to take the boys to some of the trails we have around the area.

Well I guess I will talk to you guys later... After we find out if I'm a finalist or not..

Either way I'll be back next week...

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Monday, Monday Monday...

Well I missed last weeks Mamavation Monday post and Mamavation TV due to some computer problems. But I think I got the bugs all worked out.
This week was a very busy, stressful and emotional week for me. We just finished Campaign 7 and I for some dumb reason decided to not really pay attention to my healthy eating and working out as strictly. I am so glad I don't have to post a scale pic this week because the number is back up a little but the great news is I lost
2 Pant Sizes!!
We took Jakers to the zoo yesterday and had a great time with him and his service dog Logan I was so proud of myself I was one of the only ones that went that wasn't complaining about the walking or the hills, everyone else who is at a healthier weight and in better shape were complaining so I am very excited about that.
Are you a sweet or savory snacker? What do you look for in a healthy snack?
I am a random snacker, It really depends on what mood I am in but typically I either want salty or sweet and definitely something that requires chewing. I usually look for things that are going to give me the most quantity for smaller calories. For example if I can have a bowl of something or a handful I'm gonna go with the bowl.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Mamavation Monday

This past week was just a typical week at the Carter Acres. Busy with appointments, meetings, homework, stress, drama more stress, church, Fusion at church, stress and stress.. Which is really just a normal week for us. Oh not to mention Friday evening I had a wedding to shoot and ended up doing that, and getting the bride ready but I really enjoyed it, I LOVE LOVE LOVE taking pictures.

I didn't really do anything special this week except I got to start working out again which is AWESOME I was so glad to be released from PT and allowed to get my back my Wii and treadmill :) I was a very happy Mommy.

What are your strategies to fit everything into your busy life? Any areas you need to work on?

Well I don't get enough sleep which is one of the areas I struggle in. I stay up late getting things together. I also need to become more organized so that we can be less hectic. I try to multitask to fit as much into my life as possible. Which is an area I need to work on as well because I create more stress with that.

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Blogger flipped my picture over, and I can't figure out how to re flip it.
280.8 (-6lbs this week)
30.8 lb total loss for Campaign 7
I wasn't expecting any weight loss at all this week, I only change has been being able to get back on my wii and working out, and I've been having a lot of hot dates with my treadmill in the evenings...