Saturday, July 25, 2009

Back to School

The boys have now completed 2 weeks back in school. We are going into our second year in the year round school schedule. I have to say that we love it. I think it has been the best change for our family. The 9 weeks in 3 weeks off schedule with 6 weeks in the summer is great. Just enough time off and the kids are ready to go back. This year we also had the chance to loop Hunter with his teacher () so it was an amazing transition for him. Charlie is such a social butterfly he is fine in almost any situation in school. His teacher is great. She lets them have fun but keeps them in order.

We are waiting to find out about Jacob's start date for school. It should be towards the end August once traditional schools start up.

We also should have some big announcements comming soon about our service dog. We also are working on getting some of the clutter out of the house and keeping things organized.

Til Next Time...