Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pump It Up Party....

This afternoon we attended at Birthday Party at
We decided this was a great place to have a party for multiple age groups. You go into a Arena and your group is the only ones in there. The boys LOVED it there. They were all over the place but with all the staff there it was easy to keep the Zoo herded in. We will be going back there soon hopefully. The parents even got involved in climbing and sliding and jumping. We always match the boys when we are going out somewhere big, so that if heaven forbid one is to get lost I can remember exactly what he is or atleast was wearing last time I saw him. They got balloons before they left so when we got home we did the ritual of writing the names and message on the balloons and sending them to heaven. We all included a purple one for Miss Maddie

Well I will post another update after I put the boys to bed... I'll update everyone on Mr. Hunter