Monday, April 20, 2009

Well Its Official...

David is The Boy's FATHER!!!!
As everyone knows.. Today was the big day. We went to the lawyer and then to the Clerk of Courts.. He finalized the paper work. The adoptions are final and David is now the father of 3 Crazy, Busy, Beautifully Blessed Sons. We are so glad that this 2 year process is finally OVER. We have also made sure that all the i's have been dotted and t's have been crossed so that there is NO chance that he could come back in a few years and decide he wants become an active parent. It is a huge weight lifted off of us and a big relief its one less thing I have to worry about. Now I can strictly focus on Hunter and helping him overcome his issues he has been having... As I type this Jacob is stacking pepsi and mountain dew cans into different designs... I really need to get him into cup stacking... But that is for another post... Time for Tuck in's I'll do the Hunter update later..

Now to lock up the Zoo