Friday, February 12, 2010

Charlie and the GI

**Warning: The following post should not be read while eating, it pertains lots of bathroom talk**

As most of you know... we've been struggling with Charlie's bowels for quite a few months now. We've tried bribing, rewarding, punishment, miralax, e-lax, about anything you can think of. Finally we talked the ped into giving us a referral to GI. Well on Feb. 1st UNC Peds GI told us great we can see you on June 1st. Well needless to say my lid was FLIPPED! But Duke was about to see us TODAY!!! Hip Hip Horray! That is one reason I love where we live. Two GREAT hospitals 20 minutes from us. Well here's what happened today...

We do know that Charlie is constipated and has a rock hard one in there. Which we need to get out. They are thinking that his problem is that his Colon and Rectum are stretched due to the constipation. So he doesn't recieve the feeling of "Oh I gotta go Potty" because the rectum doesn't close after he has pooped because he isn't getting it all out and even when he does the colon and rectum don't close all the way. Kinda like when you stretch a rubber band out as far as you can alot and then let it go it doesn't go back as small as it was.

So how do we fix this? Well for this weekend we will be staying home. Charlie is going to get cleaned out *We Hope* He will recieve 5 doses of miralax and 2 e-lax for 2days and then go to 1 dose of each for the next few weeks. We are hoping to see a difference in the next week in his bowels. If not we call her back. But either way we go back in 3 weeks to check in with her.

I will keep you all updated as to how this goes... We are hoping this is the issue but if not we will continue to search what is going on with him. Next week we check back in with Jacob's Autism Doctor and get lots of results back! Stay Tuned!


Heather said...

I'm praying and hoping that this works and y'all get this straightened out.

Keep me posted.

Much love,