Monday, June 6, 2011

*Ring Ring Ring*

Hello? Hello? Anyone there? This is your


Yes this week I had a MAJOR wake up call. I went to the doctor a few weeks ago because I was just feeling yuck and I wasn't losing weight and I wanted to get checked out to make sure there wasn't a medical reason for it. Well blood work came back and I am PreDiabetic and Low Iron and I am 7points from being considered Diabetic. I totally freaked out. As some of you guys know me from past campagins and from Mamavation TV my mom is Diabetic and has lost 2 of her toes from complications of her sugar levels and not being able to fight off infection. This is very much a wake up call for me to get healthy and beat this battle with my weight. I will be applying for Mamavation Mom again.

But for whoever is reading this, I need to ask a favor from you guys. Please Tweet, FB, Text, Email, Comment, Skype whatever you want to help me stay on track and keep me accountable. That is the hardest part for me is I need to make sure I keep accounted what I am doing because I have to do this for myself and my kids.

The boys are out for the summer and don't go back until late July and my parents are in for the month to visit which is nice since we only spend time with them once a year. We are hoping to spend lots of time at the pool this summer and being as active as we can.

I have made a Chart that I hung in the Kitchen to track my weightloss something that I can see everyday I hung it in the kitchen since that is the area that can really mess you up on your lifestyle change.


Katie said...

Girl, I am right here. We can push each other and hold each other up as we go. Are you applying again this time around? I'm on the fence. I know a couple of people who think I should but I don't know if I have the following to "win", if you know what I mean. I'm going to add your number into my phone right now and text you so you can add mine to yours.

Owen's Mom said...

My MIL was pre-diabetic and had great success by exercising and changing her diet. She tried the CHIPS program from our local Seventh Day Adventist Church. (it was open to the public)it was all about daily walking, whole grains and lean real foods... my point is, yes weight is important, but more important is tacking up your meal plans (including measurements or weights of food), and also your exercise schedule.

Commit to it. Only you can lose the weight and become healthier. Best of luck.

Grace Matthews said...

Glad to see your back! I am sorry to hear about the diabetes, but it is the perfect reason for you to get healthy. We are all here for you anytime you need us.