Sunday, July 3, 2011

Finalists Announced..

Well Its been a week... Its a been a good week with some stressful events but hey, That's life especially when you live in one with Special Needs children.. But lets get business taken care of first...

3.8 lbs down and I lost inches in the GruntStyle Challenge

I finished the challenge and was very proud of myself. I am also very thankful for all the support and cheerleading I got especially from Mark, Shelly, Leah, Greta and Daniel. I enjoyed Mamavation TV Monday with our Guest host Shelly who did an awesome job. I have really enjoyed the last few weeks of getting to know my fellow applicants. They are all wonderful special women and I know that with or without being Mamavation Mom they will all succeed in their weight loss and fitness goals that they have made for themselves.

This week was great to get back to the norm around here. Really getting track on the eating habits for the whole family. As my middle son has told me so many times this week. I am the role model for our family, and as Mothers we really are. Its my job to teach them these tools now so that later on they won't have to struggle with being active and healthy. I was very proud of myself for not caving in this week with sweets and doughnuts. I did have 1 drink this week, Im human and I slip up. But I fessed up and did my Penance (4 60 sec Planks.. and I DESPISE planks which is why Leah made me do it, but I didn't complain I did it)

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How did well did you manage to eat healthy over the holiday weekend (4th of July & Canada Day)? Any tips for the rest of the summer?

We I think have done really well this holiday weekend. We loaded up on our year supply of charcoal *home depot had a GREAT sale* So we have grilled out our main meal for the past few nights and its been so darn hot we've been eating very light foods and veggies.

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Good Luck Tonight to all the Finalists and the Applicants.. Remember if you aren't a Finalist Rock the MiLi Challenge and reapply next time! Love you All..


Erin Patrick said...

You are doing great lady!
Keep up the good work and my fingers are crossed for you on Monday!

MNMSpecial said...

Way to go on all that hard work you have put in. You certainly are the role model for your family & out sounds like your boys are watching you close. You are a great mom with a ton of responsibility.
Good luck this week with Mamavation Mom stuff. You are certainly inspiring me.

Kimberly said...

Woohoo for you!!! I am SO proud and how you have been kicking butt at the GruntStyle workouts! Keep it up and GOOD LUCK! I am rooting for ya!

Elena @CiaoMom said...

That is awesome!!! Congrats and good luck tonight!!!

Aries Mommy said...

Awesome weight loss this week!!! Best of luck, I am proud to be among your ranks;) Happy 4th of July.

Lena said...

Kick it in high gear, Girl!
You're doing awesome!

Shelley said...

you did AWESOME on the 1st of (dare I say) many Gruntstyle challenges! Keep it up mama! GOOD LUCK!