Monday, January 31, 2011

Mamavation Monday

Well we are into week three in our MiLi challenge... Still no weight loss but Im hoping next week will be better. Atleast there is no weight gain. I am trying to stay positive but its starting to get harder for me...

Our Sponsor this week is... Earth Footwear and our question is

What does "wellness" mean to you?
Well to me Wellness means you are heatlhy and active and able to do the things you want to do. Happiness is also a huge part of wellness... So that is what it means to me.
Goals for this week:
  1. Walk atleast 10miles
  2. Keep uping my intake to get to 64oz a day
  3. Wii Work out 6days
  4. Work on portion Control
  5. Veggie for the week is Cactus


kia said...

Megan you can email me if you want to talk a little more in depth about why the weight is not coming in a private arena. bodhibearinfo/gmail
Have a great week and stay positive!

Lena said...

Hang in there. It might take a while for the numbers to start going down. Have started tracking your calorie intake?

Mommy Glow said...

YES, no weight GAIN that is GREAT! I know it can be hard 2 stay positive when your body is not losing, but these things take time! Stick with it girl, you can do this! You have great goals, let me know how you guys do with cactus!

Owen's Mom said...

Stay positive! You are not going up, which is a great accomplishment. Take a real honest look at the different areas of your life: Calories, balanced diet, sleep, exercise. I am still working myself to get all the pieces into place. But, I am confident you can do it. I am here to cheer you on.

Have a great week! You deserve it.

lorrie said...

good luck with your goals this week